Links, References and Technical Information

These are just a few Links that you may find useful when looking for Wood and Multi fuel stove information.

PLEASE NOTE: We do our very best to make sure these links are up to date but, with constant revision and changes, cannot guarantee that they always are. To be certain of the latest information please seek professional advice.

Useful Documents

Building Regulations Document G

This is the document with references to building regulations in connection with hot water supplies.

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Building Regulations Part J with 2020 amendments

This is the document with references to building regulations in connection with stoves, flue pipes and chimneys.

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Huts, Sheds, Yurts & Shepherds huts

HETAS recommendations for installations in leisure and holiday accommodation.

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New stove to old chimney liner: Building regulations

See building regulation 1.39 re connecting a new stove to an old liner

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New to Wood Stoves. An A-Z Guide

This is the downloadable version of our Guide to Wood Stoves. It’s a pdf that you can download and print off if required. It gives a basic introduction to stoves and answers the questions you may have about their construction, operation and regulation. It explains much of the jargon you’ll find in the brochures including the likes of “Airwash”, “DEFRA” “Multi-fuel” and “Inset stoves”.

Click the arrow top left of the page to switch pages.

Printed copies are available at our showrooms.

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Pizza Oven Guide from The Kent Stove Company

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Problems with wood stoves / Troubleshooting

This is a guide we issue to new customers when we install a new stove.

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Remote Control for Gazco Sheraton Electric Stove

Gazco remote controllers can be quite complex and instruction manuals can un to more than 20 pages.

Here we have tried to compress the Sheraton / Chesterfield Electric stove manual (first 11 pages in English) down to one Quick reference page

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Stoves for small spaces

A selection of stoves to fit into small fireplaces and openings

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Your new stove: Getting started, a practical guide

Your new wood stove. Getting started & Troubleshooting, a practical guide

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Best Wood for Stoves

A comprehensive list of types of wood and their suitability for burning on wood stoves.

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Flues and Chimney installations regulations and guidance

To give it it’s full title: “General guidance on the selection and installation of flue and chimneys for wood burning and multi fuel appliances in residential properties”. Issued by the British Flue and Chimney Manufacturers Association BFCMA.

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Identify log wood from their bark

Identify logs from their bark. Then go to this link and see how the wood is rated for burning

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Solid Fuel Technology Institute SOLIFTEC

Useful, in depth and technical information about all things related to burning solid fuel. E.G How chimneys work, fuel cost calculators, burning wood for fuel, efficiency, carbon monoxide and more.

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