Virtual Survey

If you're allergic to filling-in online forms and uploading photos, then no problem, we understand! Just skip this page and contact us direct to discuss your requirements, person to person, and book a home survey and advice.

Just about all but the most straightforward of installations will require an actual on-site survey at some point before providing a detailed quote for final go-ahead. Sometimes a site visit is required regardless, in order to advise what is possible.

Our Virtual Survey though can speed up the whole process and, in many cases, quickly provide you with a provisional quote or estimate. With the information you provide we can also advise on what may be suitable in preparation for an actual survey later.

Just fill the form in as best you can and send it to us.  Anything you don't understand or can't provide, just put a question mark (?) in the box. There's a box at the end to add any notes or questions in plain text.

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