Supply and installation of stoves and chimneys

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Your choice of brand, style & size.

There's a wide variety of choices from traditional to contemporary styles; steel or cast-iron; neat little stoves for small rooms or big double-sided, double-sized stoves which will heat the largest of rooms. There’s also a variety of different colours, doors, hoods and much more.

Browse our stoves or fireplaces for details of all our products and prices. And give us a call if you want some help or guidance on the best choice for your room.

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All under one roof

Installation of any stove or fireplace may include any of the following:

  • Modification or repair of existing fire opening, brickwork, chimney or chimney stack.
  • Supply and installation of a suitable fire hearth and surround.
  • Supply and installation of a mantle and plastering.
  • Supply and installation of a suitable chimney liner, cowl & fittings.
  • Where no current chimney exists; supply and installation of a suitable internal or external insulated chimney system (See Twin-wall system).
  • Installation of the new stove and connection to the chimney system.
  • Installing carbon monoxide alarm, testing the stove and provision of a HETAS certificate.
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While you may be able to do some of these yourself or co-ordinate individual contractors to do them, The Kent Stove Company can provide and co-ordinate all these services for you, under one roof.

Contact us for survey and quotation.

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