Choosing a Wood Stove

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Stove options

There's a lot of choice out there. Below, we've tried to narrow it down for you by separating the styles available. Then you can start to choose a stove from different manufacturers within that style.

First decide the sort of size / heat output you require

Stove output is quoted in kilowatts (Kw). If you glaze over at talk of kilowatts and BTUs then think of a simple domestic fan heater. Most have a 1 and 2 setting. These are generally 1 and 2 kilowatts. A 5Kw stove therefore would be like two fan heaters set to 2 and a third one set to 1, all going together. It's the same with the old glowing bar electric fires; each bar was usually 1Kw.

There's a very rough rule of thumb which says that 1Kw of heat output is good to heat around 15 cubic metres of room. So if your room measures 5m x 5m x 2.4m (8ft ceiling): 60 cubic metres, divide that by 15 and you'll need around a 4Kw stove. This rule is just a starting point and will need adjusting for many factors. A new-build house, for instance will need much less heat due to the high degree of insulation required under modern building regulations. Our surveyor will be happy to advise.


You will see below the many styles of stove available. Try to find a style that appeals and then click through to the manufacturer's main websites for a choice in that style in the approximate size / heat output you might require.

Traditional Free-standing style stoves:

Big selection in this "cottage" style. Ranges usually start at around 4-5Kw and go right up to around 20Kw, or more for double sided versions. Most manufacturers have stoves to offer in this style. Chesneys    Stovax    Hunters    Parkray       All stoves

Vogue-Medium flaming

Modern Free-standing, Big screen style:

Most manufacturers now offer this big window style. Despite being "modern" these stoves can also sit well in a traditional environment such as a small inglenook.  Chesneys    Stovax    Parkray    Heta    Portway    Fireline        All stoves

Contemporary, free-standing Cylinder Style,

A popular choice where there's no fireplace and the stove stands alone against a wall or in a corner. Wide choice of models in a similar style, some with side windows, different colours or clad in soapstone.   Contura    Heta    ACR    Termatech

Contemporary Wide screen free standing Style

These contemporary styles are from Stovax. The range starts with the Studio 500, at 600mm wide, expanding to the Studio 3 at 1.4m wide which puts out up to 16Kw of heat. With optional steel benches.   Studio stoves: Studio  Smaller versions from Stovax Elise

Contemporary, Wall-mounted

Wall hung contemporary stoves for that minimalist look. These go well on a plain wall and will usually be installed with a sectional twin-wall chimney system. Best fitted on a block or brick based wall or some modification may be required. Models from:   Heta    Contura

Double-sided stoves

Stoves that sit between two rooms with a door on both sides. These can be standard sized stoves or double sized, effectively two stoves back to back. Referred to a double-single or a double-double. Traditional or contemporary models are available:  Chesneys   Hunter    Parkray

Inset stoves

Sometimes referred to as "Cassette" or "Insert" stoves. These are built-in, like a fridge can be built-in to a kitchen, either into a plain wall or fireplace. They can be a solution when space is limited. Various sizes available.  Most manufacturers do at least one. Try:  Fireline   Heta    Contura    ACR    All stoves

Widescreen inset stoves, Single & Double sided

Impressive inset contemporary stoves with a wide screen. Starting around 600mm with the Studio 500, at 600mm wide, expanding to the Studio 3 at 1.4m wide which puts out up to 16Kw of heat. Stovax Studio inset.   These stoves can be double-sided: Studio Riva Duplex.

Blank wall: All built from scratch

This was a blank wall in a modern house with no fireplace or chimney. The hearth was laid, a block chimney breast built and plastered, an oak beam fitted, a stove installed with a twin-wall chimney system through the wall and up the side of the house. The full works, from scratch. See our Fireplaces page.

The full range from ALL our Suppliers
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