Mantels & Beams

Timber Mantel Beams

Put the finishing touches to your installation with a timber or composite mantel beam. You can choose a style in solid oak, made to order in a choice of finishes and sizes as required. Samples are on display at our showrooms.

All beams are in solid oak and can be provided in 6 different colour finishes, 4 different "shaping" finishes and either a "Brushed" or "Flamed" surface finish. Please see this link to one of our main suppliers so you can specify your requirements. Needless to say, the finished article may not be a precise match as we are dealing with a natural product. It will however be pretty close.

Note: If we are installing for you please don't order the beam direct. Tell us what you want in the way of size, colour and finish and leave it with us. We have more than one supplier, and availability and timing may determine which one we use. We will provide a quote to include delivery fixings and installation.

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Points to note on real timber mantels

These are real oak and, despite being seasoned and dried, they will still dry out further over the heat of a wood stove. Over time this is likely to cause a certain amount of shrinkage and cracking in the beam.

There are regulations on the minimum distance to combustible materials -like a timber beam - from your stove or stove pipe. This distance varies and is specified by the stove manufacturer for each model. There are ways this distance can be reduced, by shielding or use of insulated flue pipe. We can advise.

Alternatively, a non-combustible beam can be used. See below.

Fireproof Beams

Geocast & Inglebeam fireproof rustic “timber” beams

Wood stoves radiate a considerable amount of heat, especially from the top of the stove. Each stove has a published "minimum distance to combustible materials". This is generally around 400mm (16") but varies from stove to stove.  This can sometimes rule out installation of a genuine wooden beam above the stove. These non-wooden beams require a much smaller clearance and are also not subject to the same cracking and shrinkage.

Our suppliers are Capital Fireplaces Geocast beams and Newmans Inglebeams. Both are primarily trade suppliers so please contact us for prices and to order. Click on the links below to see details and samples of the beams available. Links will open in a new window:

Colour, shape and surface finish for oak beams
Geocast heatproof beams from our supplier: Capital
Gallery of our recent Beam & Mantel installations
Heatproof Inglebeams from our supplier: Newmans
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