Fireline FPi8 Multi-fuel Inset Stove

Save £473.00

Fireline FPi8 inset

Classic Contemporary Inset Stove, up to 11Kw output

Though rated at 8Kw nominal, this classic inset stove is good for up to 11Kw output and can take logs up to half a metre in length.

Big picture window and a frame that can be 4 sided, as shown in the picture, or 3 sided if fitted at floor level.

Now offered at 25% discount and a saving of £473.00. It’s a current model complying with all the latest Eco regulations.

Brand new and carrying a 7 year warranty

See Charlton & Jennrick website for full details

Was: £1891.00

Now: £1418.00

Save £473.00

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