Quality Dry Logs

Poor, unseasoned or damp logs are probably the biggest cause of poor stove performance

About logs

There is a myth that you can put any old rubbish on a wood burner and it will be fine. It won’t! Really dry, seasoned wood is essential for the stove to work well. Wood should contain less than 20% moisture. Any more and you are just boiling water! It won’t burn, it won’t draw and it won’t heat. Use a moisture meter to test the inside of your logs. Damp, unseasoned wood is the biggest cause of poor stove performance.


For multi-fuel stoves check your stove handbook for what can be burned. It is generally recommended not to burn standard “house coal” as this contains too much sulphur and will damage the stove and liner.


See more information about wood stoves in general: Woodburners A_Z

Best woods for your stove

Log supply & Delivery coming soon!

We're in the process of setting up our own supply and delivery service for good quality dry logs. This will be coming soon.

In the meantime we recommend a nationwide company called Dalby Firewood who claim to be "Suppliers of the best quality, low-moisture content firewood in the UK"

They're not the cheapest but we do believe they're cost-effective and they offer a nationwide delivery to your door.

We've also negotiated a 10% discount for your first order. Just go online to: www.dalbyfirewood.com and enter the code: KENTSTOVECOMPANY for your 10% first order discount

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