Gas & Electric “Wood Burners”

Our fantastic range of electric & gas stoves offer a great alternative to wood or fuel stoves.

Electric “Stoves”: Overview

There are a number of “imitation electric wood burners” on the market for around £100, available from DIY stores and online. These electric & gas stoves are generally made of plastic or laminated MDF and few look like the real thing.

If you’re looking for something more authentic…
….made of genuine steel and cast iron we can offer a range of stoves from major manufacturers, some of which are an electric or gas version of their actual wood burning models.

Electric: Easy to install

Electric versions are simple to install, just plug into an electric socket. They require no venting, flue or chimney.

Most provide heat via an inbuilt fan heater underneath the stove with a choice of 1KW or 2KW settings. They will provide a visual “fire effect” which can be selected without the heater if required. Many have a choice of visual effect – bright, dim, even false smoke and digital screens – and most come with a remote controller. Examples we can supply and install include:

Yeoman Exmoor Electric £599 inc VAT

Remote control.
Choice of visual settings.
1 or 2KW heat selection.
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Stovax Huntingdon 30 Elec. Ivory enamel

Top of the range with remote control and choice of visual effects. Less expensive models are available


Celsi Puraflame Digital
£799 inc VAT

Choice of fire and even sound effects on this digital 1-2KW electric fire. Lots more styles and types available.

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Dovre 280 Electric
£825 inc VAT

Full Cast Iron electric version of the 280 wood stove. 1-2KW with choice of visual effects

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Gas “Wood Burners”: Overview

If you’re seeking the Wood-burner look, style and efficiency for your home but prefer the convenience and ease of a gas fire there are a number of options we can offer.

There are a range of gas-fired versions of leading manufacturers original wood burning stoves. They are generally a little more expensive to buy as they are basically the same unit with the addition of the internal workings of a gas fire

Gas: Installation

The burnt gases from a gas fire need to be expelled to the outside of the house. This can be done by either venting them through an existing chimney with the installation of a chimney-liner or, if sited on an outside wall, by going directly through the wall via a balanced flue (like a central heating boiler). Either method will involve additional cost to the cost of the gas stove itself.

Examples we can supply and install include:

Yeoman Dartmoor Gas
£1425 inc VAT

Powerful gas stove – up to 5.3KW.
Available with double or single door, flat-top or with hood.
Nat gas or LPG.

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Stovax Stockton 5 Gas
£1199 inc VAT

Available to run on natural gas or LPG (e.g. Calor gas). Efficient stove with remote control available extra.

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Fireline FXW Gas
£1072 inc VAT

3.6KW output from natural gas or LPG.
Great value.
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Dovre 425 Gas
£1549 inc VAT

Full Cast Iron, natural gas or LPG.
Up to 7.3KW.
5 colour choices.
Optional remote control.

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